Time Approvals

Employee Time Approvals The Time Approvals screen is where supervisors and company administrators manage their employees’ new and existing time transactions. The first thing to notice is the number badge on the main menu beside the Time Approval link. This shows how many employee transactions are still waiting approval....

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Bulk Time

Bulk Time Entry This function allows for supervisors to insert a timesheet entry for a date range for any number of their employees. Administrators can run the same function for any number of all company employees. Perfect for company holidays and employee vacations. Related Projects

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Reallocate Employee Time

Reallocate Employee Time Supervisors and administrators have an extra menu item under Timesheet that opens the reallocation of time page. This function allows for a mass update or reallocation of time entries for selected employees. The following scenario is when this function would be useful: A group is punched...

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Punch Overrides

Punch Overrides Punch overrides are rules created to override employee punch times if they fall within a time range. There are 3 policies that can be configured; global, employee specific, or by supervisor group. The policy looks at the time range set and replaces the specific punch type time...

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