On-Time Web Is Great For Staffing Agencies

On-Time Web is great for staffing agencies because we know that managing a temporary workforce is difficult. Making sure everyone is where they supposed to be. Did they show up on time, did they follow the daily schedule, did they work until close, are they recording their time accurately? Then you have the client-side responsibilities trying to give them a level of comfort that will keep them working with you and your employees. They need to trust that you have controls in place to keep track of the employees and they want to see and approve the time that they are paying for.

It’s a big job. Over the years On-Time Web has been utilized for thousands of temporary employees across the country. From small upstarts to large temp agencies with hundreds of temp employees. They all choose On-Time Web because it is flexible enough to meet their needs and simple enough for both the employees and the clients they serve. Let’s take a look at why On-Time Web is great for staffing agencies.

Flexible mobility

On-Time Web Great for Staffing Agencies becasuse it brings many different offerings to the table when it comes to collecting time. They all are interchangeable and work together flawlessly.

  • Web browser access – for staffers that work in an office setting or access via a laptop or even a tablet, the browser access to On-Time Web is simple and quick. Log in, make your punch, and log out. You have the ability to set the landing page to go straight to where they log in and log out. That way, they take only a few seconds so they can get to the work at hand.
  • Phone time clock – On-Time Web’s personal time clock apps are available for both Android and iPhone. It is a good way to keep your time clock in your pocket. Install the app, log in and you are ready to go. You open the app, make your punch, and start work.
  • Tablet time clock – If you need something at a location for multiple people to clock in and out, our tablet time clock can meet the need. Install the tablet time clock app on an android tablet and connect it to WiFi. Then create time cards for staff inside On-Time Web now you have a portable time clock that many people can access.
  • RFID and Biometric time clocks – For a more permanent solution, we also have smart time clocks that can be purchased or rented.

Keeping honest people honest

The one question I always need to address when talking about the mobile options with On-Time Web is, “How can I know that my staff punches on location? What is to prevent them from punching in on their way to and from work for extra time?” This is not a concern with On-Time Web mobile options because we utilize many tools to make sure we keep honest people honest.

  • Geo tracking – We give you the ability to make sure you know where your employees are making their punches. We give you the option to require GPS. This forces the employee to turn on their GPS before they can punch. On-Time Web records where the employee was when they made their time entry.
  • Geo-fencing – in addition to this we also give you the ability to set up geofences around the customers property that you can assign to employees so they can not make a punch in or out unless they are within the fence.
  • IP Address rules – You can also set up IP Address rules that would require the employee to be logged into the client’s network before they can make their time punches.

Knowing who is in and who is out

One of the features that many people have commented on is the In/Out Board. This can be parked on your desktop and you can see when people are clocked in or clocked out within 1 minute. This helps you feel confident that people are where they supposed to be when they are supposed to be.

Supervisor approvals without paper

Old habits are hard to break for some people, but when they do they find often times that the new way is easier and better than the old. This is the case for the time approvals in On-Time Web. Gone are the days where you must turn in a paper timesheet or time card for approval. Supervisors simply log into On-Time Web Time Approval page in On-Time Web where they see only the people that they supervise. They review the time and approve it. No muss no fuss and no paperwork to keep track of and fax back and forth to you.

There are many more specific features that many people are using for temp staffing and they are all a part of On-Time Web. If you would like to take a look and discuss how On-Time Web will work for your staffing agency please click here for a free 14-day trial of On-Time Web. We answer questions and help guide you in setting up your trial and teach you how to use it. When you are convinced that it will work for you, then you turn it on and your free trial becomes your site. There is nothing more simple and easy. And it doesn’t hurt that the pricing is right here on the site as well. As low as $1.43 per employee per month. Take a look for yourself and see how much easier it could be with On-Time Web.

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