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Customize your On-Time Web – We get calls every day from people who are looking for time and attendance software.  We discuss their needs and wants for a system.  Often, they discover that whatever they are looking for, On-Time Web can meet their needs. 

We designed On-Time Web with a number of optional features available without forcing the use of everything.  There is a wide range of needs from simple In and Out punches to labor hours tracking for a total cost of project calculations.  Sometimes it is hours on a project, hours on a manufacturing sub-assembly, even hours with a patient. Whatever the case, there is a way to make a simple change in the Settings and Defaults to make your system more relevant to your needs.

Customize On-Time Web with custom labels.  For example, let’s say you are the HR director for an in-home health provider.  You send qualified staff to take care of people who are shut-in or recovering from an illness or surgery.   Job/Phase/Task just doesn’t really fit your services.

Normal labels settings

What you wish is that instead of Job it says Patient, and instead of Phase it said Category. That is a simple label change in the Settings and Defaults.  Now you can enter the Patient, the Category of care they need, and the Task that your staff will be performing during the visit.  These label changes will cascade through the system, so all your screens and reports will reflect them.

Customized labels

What unique option do you need when recording your time and attendance?  Let us try to find a way to help.  Call us at 502.223.1136 or email us by clicking here.

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