Track Employee Time with Better Employee Time Tracking Software

On-Time Web is the employee time tracking software you’ve really been waiting for. You already know that employee time tracking can be a difficult and daunting task. Your employees may not always complete their timesheets or time cards on time, or they may not be accurate, and then your payroll staff needs to manually calculate employees’ hours to complete company payroll. You also have to worry about employee manual time entry, these entries can be hard to read or understand, adding to the confusion, while introducing more errors in your payroll calculations.

Employee Time Tracking

Incredibly Simple

With On-Time Web, you get an affordable, easy to use employee time tracking system that is web-based, which eliminates the need for costly in-house hardware, software, and skilled staff to maintain the software. Employees have multiple ways of entering time. They can use the web timesheet software in any modern browser, use the OT1000™ web time clock, or the Android/iOS mobile timesheet & time clock apps

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Better Productivity

On-Time Web allows for better productivity for all of your staff. Employees complete their time cards on time. Supervisors are alerted if there are missing timesheets and can be quickly added. They can manage and track the time and when all is right time can be approved. Payroll can be completed in minutes rather than hours with the right employee time tracking system like On-Time Web.

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Completely Affordable

On-Time Web is one of the most affordable employee time tracking systems on the market today. There is no extra software to purchase in order to use our employee timesheet software. Included training, unlimited support and free consulting allows us to be competitive and affordable when it comes to our prices.

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