On-Time Web RFID Time Clock



The On-Time Web RFID Time Clock integrates with On-Time Web time and attendance services.

This robust terminal offers high quality, fast integration and great pricing. This powerful terminal is easily integrated with On-Time Web



What Makes This System Unique

The On-Time Web RFID Time Clock was designed to communicate directly with On-Time Web sending punch data in near real-time intervals.

Push Technology

The On-Time Web RFID Time Clock was developed to communicate directly using push technology. This ‘push’ terminal sends its data to the web service in real-time, meaning your data is always up to date. If the connection to the service is lost the terminal holds its data until the connection is re-established. Using push technology means you will have less setup configuration versus traditional poll technology.

Workforce Management Features:
    • Real-time Data Transfer
    • Heavy Duty Case and Keypad for High Usage
    • Stores 300,000+ Transactions
    • Keypad (PIN) or RFID Proximity Badge entry
    • Ethernet and USB Connection (for external barcode scanner)
    • Low Voltage Power Supply (9V DC)


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