Estimated that employees use 2 weeks vacation per year.

/ Minutes

The American Payroll Association estimates it takes about 5 to 6 minutes to manually total up and audit each employee's time card or time sheet. 1

/ Minutes

The American Payroll Association estimates up to ten minutes per day per employee is lost due to tardy arrivals, early departures and long breaks/lunches.1


The American Payroll Association estimates a 1% to 8% clerical error rate when
totaling employee hours manually. 1

No More Manual Calculations

On-Time Web will automatically total employees' worked hours, saving your payroll staff the time of manual calculations.


No More Clerical Errors

On-Time Web's automatic calculations will virtually eliminate clerical errors in totaling employee hours worked, saving you the time and money necessary to correct these errors.

Reduce "Time Theft"

On-Time Web accurately records arrival and departure times helping ensure you only pay for actual work time and reducing the potential for "time theft." We assume a conservative 50% reduction per employee per day.


Total Annual Savings

Compare this savings to the price of our affordable web timesheet solution to see how quickly your new system can pay for itself and start generating a positive return on investment!

1 Source of APA estimates